Fundraising.net has worked with schools to raise money for their expenses. These days schools need help providing basic supplies and textbooks. The lifeblood of extra curricular activities comes from monies raised by parents, students and teachers committed to providing the students with a full school life. Uniforms, sports equipment, travel expenses have all been supplied with our fundraising campaign ideas.

We offer a huge selection of fundraising ideas to help you. All our campaigns can be effective in helping you reach your goal; it just depends on what you can get excited about. We have the traditional chocolate bars and cookie dough, which have a proven track record of being successful year after year. If you are looking for a selection of healthy fund raising ideas we offer a full brochure of trail mixes. The fresh fruit and nut combinations have a very low price point, which makes them a healthy and popular idea. For sports clubs we offer beef sticks with lean beef; they represent a healthy way to market your club. In response to a growing trend we also carry environmentally friendly fundraising ideas like shopping bags, candles, flower bulbs and energy efficient bulbs. Ask us about our scratch cards, which can provide you up to 100% profit and are one of the easiest fundraisers you have ever seen!

Whatever your needs fundraising.net will offer you support to make this years fundraiser the most successful yet!